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Wombat Large Garden Stake – Australian Made Rusted Metal Garden Art


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This homely garden sculpture is inspired by that master of leisure - the wombat. Australia is home to three species of this stocky marsupial, which can be found in southern and eastern parts of the country. Due to their physical similarities and behaviours, wombats were often referred to as badgers by European settlers, giving rise to place names such as Badger Creek in Victoria and Badger Corner in Tasmania.

Proudly hand-made in Adelaide, South Australia, this laser cut sculpture measures 60cm Wide x 42cm Tall, Including the spikes. This product is manufactured from 1.6mm thick Corten steel and will rust naturally when exposed to the outdoor elements, resulting in a rich orange/red colour.

Ideal for placement in garden beds, this wombat sculpture is designed to be free-standing using the two feet spikes. An endearing character celebrated in childhood books; this wombat sculpture is a fitting contribution to every Aussie backyard.


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