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Wagtail Post Topper- Australian Made Rusted Metal Garden Art


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The Willy Wagtail post topper decoration is a wonderful addition to your garden or patio, showcasing the beauty of Australia's wildlife. Crafted from 1.6mm Corten steel, this post topper is not only durable but also represents the essence of the native Willy Wagtail. This decorative piece is made with precision and a genuine appreciation for Australia's unique flora and fauna. By displaying the Willy Wagtail post topper, you not only bring a touch of native elegance to your surroundings but also demonstrate your love for the natural world. It's a perfect way to enhance your outdoor area and celebrate the incredible biodiversity of Australia. This Willy Wagtail Bird post topper is a testament to the country's rich wildlife and makes for a beautiful and meaningful addition to your outdoor decor.

Size : H 12cm x W 11cm x D 2cm


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